Physical Description

Abia is a curvy girl with a tan complexion. Her hair color is black and her eyes are a soft shade of pink. Her makeup consists of light lilac eyeshadow.

In her regular outfit, Abia wears a pink abaya (cloak) with black detailing that has a peekaboo slit revealing a black skirt underneath. She also wears a two scarf styled hijab (headscarf) with a black hijab cap underneath. Her top scarf is mauve with a gold trim and fringe while the secondary scarf has a dark purple and gold pattern with gold trim.


"Meet Abia. Abia was born to strictly religious parents and though her family expects her to behave in a traditionally conservative manner, I think you'll find she has slightly different plans in mind."- Description by HuniePot Dev on the Sept. 2017 Update.





It has been confirmed by HunieDev that the two will interact in some way and that Abia is "a big fan of her work."


  • She is voiced by Elsie Lovelock.
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