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Accessories are a secondary game mechanic appearing in HunieCam Studio, which functions similarly to the Date Gifts mechanic in HuniePop, in that items can be given to girls to enhance performance in some aspect. The primary difference between Date Gifts and Accessories is that Accessories are permanently given to a girl to use throughout the game to passively care for a need, unlike HuniePop's Date Gifts which serve an immediate purpose and then are returned after the date.

As Accessories come with no risk or tradeoff, players are encouraged to utilize them until each girl's inventory is full of useful items.

Anytime the player sends a girl to the Adult shop, they will be given the option to get one out of six randomized available accessories. Each accessory serves a beneficial purpose.

Girls do not begin with the ability to hold items, so the player must invest in Inventory to allow usage of Accessories. Each successive investment increases inventory space by one, capping out at a total of three inventory slots per girl, encouraging players to mix and match different Accessories to maximize efficiency through combination discoveries.

The Player may hold up to eight items at a time in their own personal inventory, however, these items are considered in-storage and will serve no immediate function until given to a girl who may use them. The Player may also trash superfluous items for no personal benefit other than recovered storage space.

A list of these items and what each of their effects is may be found below.



Removed Items