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  • "I was up way too late last night."
  • "Oh boy...same shit different day, eh?"
  • "Mornin'"


  • "Great, you can entertain me. Soooooooo bored."
  • "Hey hot stuff."
  • "Thank god, somebody I like. Well, somebody I can tolerate."


  • "Hey, you!"
  • "Fuck. Yes. I'm done teaching for the day. Let's do anything!"


  • "You're still prowling around?"
  • "Oh!! Shiiiiit... don't sneak up on me like that!"
  • "Hey there! You're still out? isn't it past your curfew?"



  • "Enjoy your day."
  • "Swing by the campus later and keep me company."
  • "Yeah, I should be going too."


  • "Yep. Take care."
  • "Hopefully I'll see you later?"


  • "Byyyyyeee."
  • "Hopefully, I'll see you later?"
  • "Alright. Don't parrty too hard tonight."


  • "Awwwwww, really?"
  • "Try to keep those dreams about me under control tonight, ok?"
  • "Have a good night."


Player's Question

Before Asking

  • "Mmmhmmm?"
  • "Yeeess?"
  • "Something I can help you with?"


  • "You mean besides the university professor thing?"
  • "I'm sure you'll forget anyway, but it's November nineth."
  • "Woow, how romantic...I'm "rocking" D's."
  • "Why twenty-one of course...Nah I'm just fucking with you! I'm twenty-eight."
  • "If I had to pick I'd probably say Autumn. I'm a sucker for all the colors."
  • "Of course; everyone's favorite question. I'm one-hundred and nine you dick."
  • " wait! Gambling."
  • "Last time I checked I was five-four."
  • "That how you know you've got nothing to talk about. Ahhhh, I like green."
  • "I've got a master's degree in mathematics and I regret it everyday."

Already Asked

  • "Ugghhh! If you ever listened, you'd know I already told you that."
  • "Hey Einstien! You already asked that."
  • "I'll give you a second to try and remember that last time I answered that..."

Aiko's Question

Before Asking

  • "I've got a question for you..."
  • "So, hey question..."
  • "This ought to be good..."
  • "Let's find out if you've actually been listening to me..."
  • "Give me your honest answer..."
  • "I've been wondering something..."
  • "Let me ask you somthing..."

Correct Answer

  • "Oh shiiit...that would be pretty hot."
  • "Alright, alright. You got lucky this time."
  • "Well I'll be damned, you got it."
  • "Really!? Me too! I thought I was just weird."
  • "Nice. Nothing worse than an inexperienced man/woman."
  • "Well I hope you remember where it was."
  • "Oh my god! Now I'm curious! It can't be worse than mine though."
  • "You mean like this?"
  • "Yes! I know this is pretty messed up, but it kinda turns me on to know."
  • "Mmmmmm, I guess I underestimated you."

Wrong Answer

  • "Pathetic!"
  • "Boooorriing!"
  • "Oh my god, I hope you're not serious."
  • "Yeah, I had you figured like that."
  • "Ughh, you're such a pig."


Accepting "Liked" Gifts


  • “Awwww, thanks. I really need to stop neglecting my garden at home.”
  • “This will do… this will definitely do.”
  • “Alright. I’ll admit it. You did good.”


  • “Awwwwwww, how did you know I dabbled in art?”
  • “Thanks! I’ll use it on my break tomorrow.”
  • “Nice! My last one was getting kinda worn out.”

Accepting "Loved" Gifts

  • “I used to play with this all the time when I was young!”
  • “You stupid jerk… I love it!”
  • “Awwww shit… now I have to get you something.”

Accepting "Unique" Gifts

  • “God… you’re so racist.”
  • “Wow. This is actually a really thoughtful gift.”
  • “How did you get your hands on this!?”

Rejecting Gifts

  • “Try again.”
  • “Come on, do you really take me for one of those types?”
  • “That’s quite alright.”


Accepting Fruit Items

  • “Fuck that hit the spot!”
  • “I love it when you bite in and the juice drips down your chin.”
  • “Mmmmmmm… pretty good. Thanks.”

Accepting Veggie Items

  • “This is great, the lunch options on campus are so gross.”
  • “Ahhhh… the smell of fresh produce. Ehh, am I weird?”
  • “Thanks. I think I’m going to save some for a salad later.”

Rejecting Food

  • Sorry, I’m just trying to watch what I eat.”
  • “ Not on my diet.”
  • “Can’t do it. Too many carbs.”

When Full

  • “Mmmmm… ehh, not gonna happen.”
  • “I can’t even look at food right now.”
  • “*burps* Hehehehehe.”

When Hungry

  • “I’m pretty fuckin’ irritable when I’m hungry…”
  • “Please put food into my face.”
  • “Can we get something to eat first?”


Accepting Alcohol

  • “Goodbye problems!”
  • “Fuck yeah. This ought to make things fun.”
  • “Never a bad time for a stiff drink.”
  • "Your turn."
  • "Cheers."
  • "Down the hatch!"
  • "That's it? I'm hardly drunk at all!"
  • "That was a pussy drink! Hit me with something stronger!"

Rejecting Alcohol

When Drunk

  • "What are you trying to do to me?"
  • "Maybe I should cool it with the booze for a second."
  • "I hate to say it...but I'm probably drunk enough."

When Hungry

  • "Isn't it bad to drink on a empty stomach?"
  • "I can't eat this..."
  • "I've got to get me some food, like, now."

Before Sex

  • "I'm a naughty teacher, and you've been a bad boy/girl."
  • "What's the matter? See something you like?"
  • "Word of advice, I like to be choked."

After Sex

  • “Not baaaaaaad… But I’ll have to give you some pointers next time.”
  • “It took me forever to find my bra this morning. How did it end up across the room?”
  • “Morning... big guy/you sexy thing you.”


Matching Four/Five Tokens

  • "Yes!"
  • "Hahahahaha!"
  • "Okay!"
  • "Nice!"

Matching Heartbreak Tokens

  • "Hey! Fuck you!"
  • "Could you please not do that?"
  • "God damnit!"

Giving a Date Gift

  • "Beautiful!"
  • "Thanks!"
  • "You shouldn't have!"
  • "Mr./Ms. Moneybags over here!"
  • "You sly dog."

Rejecting a Date Gift

Completing Date

  • "Hey, that was actually really nice. Thank you."
  • "Not bad! I'll have to let you take me out again sometime."
  • "Clearly this isn't your first time around the block."
  • "You certainly know how to carry yourself."
  • "You are something else, you know that?"
  • "About time a man/woman who knows what he's/she's doing shows up in my life."

Completing Night Date

  • "You're not going to make me go home all by myself are you?"
  • "Okay, I'm horny as fuck right now. Let's go back to your place."
  • "How about I come over for a private lesson?"

Failing Date

  • "Can we just get out of here, please!"
  • "What an ass!"
  • "*yawns* I'm sorry. Was that suppose to be romantic?"
  • "I'd almost rather be teaching class right now."
  • "Boooooriiiiiing..."
  • "Don't beat yourself up over it. It's not the first shitty date I've had."

Pre-Date Quotes

Accepting Date

  • “Yeah, alright. Why not?”
  • “You know what? Anything is funner than hanging around here. Let’s go!”
  • “Hey, as long as you’re paying!’
  • “Sure! I suppose you’ve earned it.”
  • “Can’t really argue with that. Take me somewhere nice!”
  • "You sir/ma'am, have got yourself a date."

Inventory Full

Location Quote
Botanical Garden "Fuck it's nice here!"
Corkscrew Carnival "Let’s go lose some rigged games!"
Farmer's Market “This place is great. I think I’m gonna pick up some dinner while we’re here.”
Golden Falls Casino “Now this is a night out! Stand back and watch the master!”
Hiking Trail "I hope I don't get any shit on this outfit."
Hot Springs "Oh god...this feels so nice..."
Ice Rink “Look at this we’ve got the whole rink to ourselves!”
Outdoor Lounge “Is this where you take all the girls? Huh?”
Scenic Overlook "This is romantic as shit! Are you trying to seduce me?"
Tennis Courts "I've only played this a couple times, so try not to kill me okay?"
Vinnie's Restaurant “Whooa… fancy shmancy.”
Water Park “I’ll be at the lazy river, come and get me when you’re ready to leave.”


  • *lets out a relieving sigh*
  • Oh, hey Beli.
  • Yeah. Life.
  • *groans* I don't wanna talk about that.
  • Ehhh....not today. I'm just not feelin' it
  • I'll be there. I don't think I have anything else going on for once.
  • *laughs* No, I like the birds.
  • *laughs* I ask myself the same thing all the time.
  • *laughs* Oh my god, could you please be more racist?
  • No. I look like a mess right now, I'm sure my hair is a disaster.
  • Oh no, I'm good.
  • Well, mission accomplished. Good work.
  • I'm just tryna relax. Enjoy a little down time between classes.
  • I teach up at U.O.G. You know the place?
  • It's like the only university in the city for some reason.
  • I don't know about that. I have a couple students who might agree with you, though *laughs*.'
  • Sure. Yes. Let's go with that.
  • Well, I'm supposed to be a physics professor, let's just leave it at that *laughs*.
  • I'm glad you came over here. I needed a good laugh.
  • The kids call me Miss Yumi, but you can call me Aiko.

HunieCam Studio Quotes

When Hired

  • "Hey, beats teaching."

When Recruited

  • “Oh boy.”

When Checking Her Profile

  • "Yeah?"
  • "How's business?"
  • "Hey, boss."

When Giving Her an Item

  • "Subtle."
  • "Okay, then."

When Asking Her to Work

  • "Sure."
  • "If you say so."
  • "Guess I can do that."

When Completing a Task

  • "That it?"
  • "So that's done."
  • "What else you got?"

When Stressed/ Building is Full

  • "Might want to reconsider."
  • "Uhh, no."