Physical Description

Ashley is a slender girl with a pale, freckled complexion. Her hair is a black, short, side-swept bob, with red highlights intermixed towards the front and her eyes are a light (almost silver) grey. Her makeup consists of light smokey eyeshadow. An indiscernible tattoo can be seen just below her clavicle.

In her regular outfit, Ashley wears a black, v-necked t-shirt that reaches her hips with the words "Stay Black" written in white on the front. Her Bottoms consist of lacey black underwear a garter belt with garters, and lacey black stockings. Her accessories include a dog-tag like necklace, two black bracelets (one on each wrist), black stud earrings, and squared off glasses with a red frame.


"Introducing… Ashley! Hardcore fans might recognize her as an OC of HP lead artist kopiangetpanas . Ashley’s a super chill, tomboyish type of girl with a dirty sense of humor. When she’s not busy modeling for the Stay Black fashion brand, she’s doing shows with her indie band." Description by HuniePot Dev on his Twitter.






  • Ashley is the first character to be added to the game that was not specifically created for it.
  • Ashley was the last character of Huniepop 2 to be revealed but the first character to be encountered in the game. - via tweet by HunieDev
  • Ashley is voiced by Aika Intong.
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