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Physical Description

Ashley is a slender girl with a pale, freckled complexion. Her hair is a black, short, side-swept bob, with red highlights intermixed towards the front and her eyes are a light (almost silver) grey. Her makeup consists of light smokey eyeshadow. An indiscernible tattoo can be seen just below her clavicle.

In her regular outfit, Ashley wears a black, v-necked t-shirt that reaches her hips with the words "Stay Black" written in white on the front. Her Bottoms consist of lacey black underwear a garter belt with garters, and lacey black stockings. Her accessories include a dog-tag like necklace, two black bracelets (one on each wrist), black stud earrings, and squared off glasses with a red frame.


"Introducing… Ashley! Hardcore fans might recognize her as an OC of HP lead artist kopiangetpanas . Ashley’s a super chill, tomboyish type of girl with a dirty sense of humor. When she’s not busy modeling for the Stay Black fashion brand, she’s doing shows with her indie band." - Description by HuniePot Dev on his Twitter.

Ashley is a kind person. She is friendly with the Player from the very beginning, having been sleeping with them for an unknown length of time before the game. She speaks with an English accent. Ashley has no qualms about asking the player sexual questions. According to her, she enjoys punk rock and plays in an indie band. In talks with her in game, she states that she gets bored of doing the same thing over and over again, leading to a piece of baggage that consumes an extra move for repeating the same tile match.


Baggage is a feature exclusive to HuniePop 2 that equips all 12 dateable girls with a set of three unique traits that are unlocked during conversation and pose additional challenge during dates.

Baggage Image Description
Easily Bored Item baggage easily bored.png This baggage prevents you from making the same move more than twice in a row.
Commitment Issues Item baggage commitment issues.png This baggage prevents you from making 4 consecutive moves while focusing on Ashley.
Allergies Item baggage allergies.png This baggage prevents you from giving flower and candle date gifts unless Ashley is upset or exhausted.


All of the 12 dateable girls have two sets of four unique gifts each, in charge of increasing the player's Passion and Style LVL. Ashley's unique gift type is Band and her shoe type is Gladiators.

Unique Gifts Shoes
Item Name Image Item Name Image
Drum Sticks Item unique drum sticks.png Modest Gladiators Item shoes modest gladiators.png
Microphone Item unique microphone.png Zip-up Gladiators Item shoes zip up gladiators.png
Guitar Amp Item unique guitar amp.png Strap Gladiators Item shoes strap gladiators.png
Bass Guitar Item unique bass guitar.png Weave Gladiators Item shoes weave gladiators.png
Drum Kit (Removed) Item unique drum kit.png Web Gladiators (Removed) Item shoes web gladiators.png


Not much is known about how Ashley and the player met, but during the time between HuniePop 1 and HuniePop 2, the two have a physical relationship with each other. It is unclear if it's just friends with benefits, or if it's an open relationship. She teases the player quite a bit during her interactions with her possible partners, but assures them it's all in good fun. In conversations with her, it is revealed that before she and the player met, she was previously engaged, while it is known that she broke off the engagement, there are no real details about the situation. After breaking off her engagement, Ashley later went on to start her modeling career and do gigs with her band. Her commitment issues are another piece of baggage that will make her upset if the player focuses too much on her during the date (i.e. multiple consecutive moves). She also has allergies that are aggravated at the resort, forcing players to give her different gifts as flowers and candles become off-limits when her allergies become the active baggage.


Possible Pairings

  • Her and Lillian
  • Her and Polly
  • Her and Brooke
  • Her and Nora

Her Aunt

Not much is known about the two, but they appear to be on good terms, judging by how she "begged" her to tag on Lillian to accompany her on vacation.


Being cousins (by marriage) the two get along well, with Ashley agreeing to let Lillian accompany her on vacation. She affectionately calls her 'Lil' and they share a similar sense of style, both shopping at the same clothing store Alt Subject and liking the same style of music. While Ashley does enjoy Lilian's company she does admit she can be 'quite a handful' and wants her to lighten up.


Polly and Ashley get along well enough to do a collaboration together on a video for Polly's Teletube Channel, which is the original reason for them being on the island in the first place. They have similar lifestyles to each other.


Brooke and Ashley are first seen together with Ashley amazed by how young Brooke looks for her age and, after Brooke tells her part of this is from her extensive plastic surgery, wanting to get a much more up-close look at what the surgery has done, which Brooke welcomes.


Nora and Ashley bond over their love of tattoos and piercings and a mutual hatred of being tied down (Nora wanting to move on from her past and Ashley almost getting married).


  • Ashley is the first character to be added to the game who was not specifically created for it.
  • According to her third baggage along with one of her conversations, Ashley is unfortunately allergic to pollen.
  • Ashley was the last character of HuniePop 2 to be revealed but the first character to be encountered in the game. - via tweet by HunieDev
  • She is voiced by Shellah.
    • Originally she was voiced by Aika IntongIMDb icon.png.