• "Oh god, this guy/chick?"


  • "Umm, is there something I can help you with?"


  • "Ughh, there you are. Could you have taken any longer?"




  • "Finally..."


  • "Bye!"



Accepting "Liked" Gifts


  • “Wow, for once you didn’t screw it up.”
  • “Whatever, don’t start getting all cocky on me.”
  • “What? Do you want a kiss or something? Dream on.”


  • "Nothing wrong with free shit!"
  • "I'll be taking that!"
  • "I hope you're not expecting anything in return!"

Accepting "Loved" Gifts

  • “So what? Am I supposed to blow/fuck you now? Get real.”
  • “If you’re trying to buy my love, keep spending.”
  • “This’ll do, for now.”

Accepting "Unique" Gifts

  • “Swweeeet. At least you’re useful for one thing.”
  • “Niiiiice. How’d you get your hands on this?”
  • “Aw, score. You’re not as big of a loser as I thought.”

Rejecting Gifts

  • “Oh, my favorite! NOT!”
  • “Maybe in some other lifetime.”
  • “Uhhh, try again.”


Accepting Fruit Items

  • “Nice. I could totally eat this right now."
  • “About time…”
  • “Hey, gimme that!”

Accepting Junk Items

  • “I don’t care how fat this makes me, I’m eating it.”
  • “Mm, eating always makes me want to smoke.”
  • “Aw man, I love this shit.”

Rejecting Food

  • “Are you trying to make me throw up?”
  • “That’s fucking disgusting.”
  • “Ughh! Gross!”

When Full

  • “Get that shit out of my face.”
  • “I’m going to be fuckin’ sick.”
  • “Bleh!!”

When Hungry

  • “Make yourself useful and go get me something to eat.”
  • “If I don’t get some food right now, I’m gonna punch somebody in the cunt/dick.”
  • “So, I’m like starving, like, to death. It’s kind of a problem.”


Accepting Alcohol

  • “Now this guy/girl knows how to party.”
  • “Hardcooooore…”
  • “Are you kidding? Fuck yeah!”
  • "Bottoms up Bitches!"
  • "Yeaaaaah!"
  • "Aw shit! That's good!"
  • "Keep these coming!"
  • "Thanks!"
  • "Hold on, I'm gonna pound this."

Rejecting Alcohol

When Drunk

  • “Are you trying to get me drunk or kill me?”
  • “Alright, I get it; alcohol.”
  • “I’m probably pretty fucking’ set on booze, thanks." 

When Hungry

  • "I'm sitting here dying of hunger and you're trying to give me this!?"
  • "Seriously? Hook a bitch up with some food!"
  • "Uggh! You're so stupid!"

Before Sex

  • "I hope you know what you're doing."
  • "What? Please tell me you're not a virgin."
  • "Well, at least you're not lacking downstairs/upstairs."

After Sex

  • "Hey, we can hang out again, like this. Or whatever. I don't care. Do what you want."
  • "I... uhhh... whatever! Move! I need to get ready!"
  • "You better not tell anybody I was here!"


Matching Four/Five Tokens

  • Okay...”

Matching Heartbreak Tokens

  • "You fuckin' moron"
  • "What the fuck?!"
  • "Ugh, of course!"

Giving a Date Gift

  • "Big deal!"
  • "Good boy/girl"
  • "Not Bad"
  • "Keep'em coming"
  • "That's more like it!"

Rejecting a Date Gift

  • "You sure about that?"

Completing Date

  • "You can wipe that look off your face. You got lucky this time."
  • "Not bad. I've been on worst dates, I'll admit that much."
  • "I guess that wasn't a complete waste of time."
  • "What are you expecting to get into my pants now? You weren't THAT good!"
  • "I'll admit I had a good time if you stop looking at me like that."
  • "Yeah, so I had a good time. Don't make such a big deal out of it!"

Completing Night Date

  • "Mmm...I'm horny, so let's fuck."
  • "So I kind of feel like getting laid right now. Looks like it's your lucky day."
  • "Right, whatever...I guess you've earned it. Take me back to your place."

Failing Date

  • "Oh my god! Kill me now so I don't have to go through THAT again."
  • "Puh-lease! You've got to be able to do better than that!"
  • "God! What the fuck was that?"
  • "Can you explain to me what exactly you were trying to do?"
  • "Could you maybe like...put in some effort next time?"
  • Well, that was a total blowout. Thanks for wasting my fucking time.”

Pre-Date Quotes

Accepting Date

  • “With you? Uhhh, yeah, sure, whatever. Just don't get your hopes up.
  • “If this turns out to be a waste of time I'm gonna be so pissed.”
  • “Oh, my god! Fiiiine…”
  • “Okay… If I go out with you will you stop bothering me?”
  • "Yeah, yeah. You're lucky I'm in a good mood today."
  • than for wasting my fucking time!
  • "Pffft...Alright, let's just get this over with."

Full Inventory

  • "Oh my god! Your inventory's a fucking mess! Could you maybe clean that out?"
Location Quote
Botanical Garden "Okay, I'm here. So, now what?"*
Corkscrew Carnival "This is your idea of a date!? Whatever!"
Farmers Market "Okay, I'm here. So, now what?"*
Golden Falls Casino "At least I can smoke in here."
Hiking Trail "Okay, I'm here. So, now what?"*
Hot Springs “I suppose I could get used to this…”
Ice Rink “God, could it be any colder in here?”
Outdoor Lounge "Okay, I'm here. So, now what?"
Scenic Overlook "Ughh... gaaaay!"
Tennis Courts “Great; now I get to be all sweaty and gross.”
Vinnie's Restaurant "Oh, yeah. Reeaalllly impressive."
Water Park “Shit! I forgot to bring my sunscreen.”

*A morning date with Audrey is only available when you first meet up with her. Her Outdoor Lounge quote is reused for all 3 locations for this very reason.

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