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Unlocking Requirements

To unlock Celeste, the player must give Kyu their dirty magazine. Kyu will comment on the exchange, and will then give the player a weird device she had found. Taking the weird device to the beach at night and attempting to depart without taking a girl to the player's room will trigger Celeste's appearance, who will inform the player of the device's importance and request that they return it to her. After a brief exchange she will be added to the HunieBee. However, night dates (which occur with 4 or more hearts) take priority over meeting Celeste and will override the meeting.

Physical Description

Celeste has light blue skin, light blue horns, orange eyes, and white hair that is shoulder length with bangs. Her body is more curvaceous than most of the other girls and she has very large breasts. Her spacesuit appears to be either leather or latex and has a hole on the chest to reveal cleavage. Her suit matches with her color scheme of blue and white.


Celeste is an intergalactic bounty hunter who hunts various alien fugitives across the known universe. As her species is nocturnal Celeste prefers to be out at night, sleeping during the morning and afternoon, making her alien appearance less noticeable to anyone she might encounter. This may also explain why she can be commonly found in the night club.

Celeste is intelligent and knowledgeable about the universe, and will commonly test the player's knowledge of space through questions about various celestial bodies in the Solar System and beyond, as well as other general knowledge about the cosmos.

Celeste is kind and friendly to the player, and speaks in a somewhat stiff and mechanical, but grammatically correct and fluent manner, though her knowledge of idioms and metaphors can be somewhat lacking. This peculiar way of speaking can most likely be ascribed to learning about Earth languages and the planet's inhabitants in an academic setting with little or no actual experience, though how she came to speak the language of the player is unknown.


Celeste's questions are mostly trivia about the Solar System, or simple fact-based questions pertaining to general astronomical knowledge.


  • She is one of four characters to be non-human.
  • The achievement players get for unlocking her, "Ayy Lmao" is a reference to an internet meme of the same name involving stoned-looking aliens.
  • Celeste is nocturnal and because of this she won't drink alcohol at night, instead drinking in the evening.
  • Celeste is the only girl who cannot go on dates at Gold Falls Casino at all, and who can date at the Ice Rink in the evening.
  • Celeste is the only girl who is not in any of Kaskia's promotional or Kickstarter reward art.
  • The Desert Slave outfit is a reference to Princess Leia's slave bikini in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
    • Likewise, the 'Hyperdrive' outfit is very similar to Queen Mara Sov's outfit from Destiny.
  • Her hairstyles are named after zodiac signs.
  • She is voiced by Sarah Wiedenheft, who also voices Lailani.