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The Hotel Room is a location in Huniepop 2: Double Date. Here, the Player can meet up with Kyu and access a variety of different game options including: taking a nap at any time of the day to skip to a specific time of day (morning, afternoon, evening or night), view the wardrobe and change the dateable girls' outfits, access the Nymphojinn date or replay after initial completion, access the non-stop date feature and view the photo album (where all in-game CGs are stored).

The Hotel Room is available at all times of day.


  • Despite being an obvious bedroom, the Player never sleeps with any of the girls in the Hotel Room, as all sex dates take place at one of the date locations.
  • Although Kyu is not a dateable character in Huniepop 2, Kyu stays at the Hotel Room. Kyu also has a 10% chance to wear one of her four alternative outfits when the Player visits the Hotel Room.