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HunieCam Studio is a game developed by HuniePot. It was released on April 4th, 2016 on Steam. In HunieCam Studio, you run a cam show business and hire girls to work for you, among other things (like shopping, going to the spa, and stripping). There is a maximum of twenty girls in the game. All of the human girls from HuniePop are featured in the game. HunieCam does not have an uncensored version and can be purchased on Humbl


The player (either male or female) meets up with Kyu who is letting the player manage her Cam Girls for 21 days. Kyu will guide the player through a few basic tutorials on how to play. From there on out it is up to the player to keep the girls happy while generating revenue and fans. Kyu will return at the end of the time allotted to give the player their studio report grade them on their progress. The main goal is to get as many fans as possible for the studio.


Name Occupation Age
Brooke Wife/Mother/Business Woman/Cam Girl 40
Candace Stripper/Cam Girl 24
Lailani Cam Girl 23
Lillian Freeloader/ Cam Girl 18?
Marlena Gold Digger/ Cam Girl 30
Nadia Mother/Professional Escort (Formerly)/ Cam Girl 32
Nora Drug Dealer (Formerly)/ Cam Girl 21
Renee Actress/Cam Girl 25
Sarah Cam Girl 20
Zoey Cam Girl 21

Additionally all of the Human Girls from the original HuniePop make Appearances as potential employees.

Name Occupation Age
Aiko University Professor(Formerly)/Cam Girl 29
Audrey Cam Girl 18
Beli Yoga Instructor (Formerly)/Cam Girl 28
Jessie Porn Star/Cam Girl 36
Kyanna Hairdresser/Cam Girl 24
Lola Flight Attendant/Cam Girl 27
Nikki Barrista (Formerly) Game Streamer (Formerly)/Cam Girl 20
Tiffany College Student/Cam Girl 19


At the end of the 21 days, you will be rewarded with a trophy. The kind of trophy you receive is dependent on how many fans you have accumulated.

Type Number of Fans

Rock Hard mode

On April 6th 2016 HunieCam was updated with an additional difficulty mode.

This mode is unlocked once you have earned the gold trophy or better. In this mode, Wages are tripled, everything costs more energy, and cigerettes/drinks are consumed more aggressively among other things. Making it an extremely challenging mode


  • HunieCam is not canon to the HuniePop universe.
  • Due to the game's general sexual themes, HunieCam Studio has been banned from streaming on regardless of censorship.