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"Hey there, honey~! Feeling lonely tonight? Don’t worry honey, Jessie’s here for you. I’m very experienced in the pleasure delivery business. I’m a tall, natural blonde with a sexy build and a feisty appetite! And for just $4.99 a minute, you can spend all the time you want with…oh, wait, this is for a computer game?"
Original Intro

Physical Description

Jessie has a curved in build with relatively large breasts. She has blue eyes and blonde hair. Her hair extends to her shoulders. Her default outfit consists of a leopard print top that seems to be accessorized with a belt at the waist, navy blue jean shorts and dark brown ankle-high boots.


"After having her daughter Tiffany at the young age of 16, Jessie got into adult film to support her and her daughter but quickly fell in love with the money and attention. Because she wasn't able to experience the carefree youthfulness of her late teens and twenties, she never outgrew her wild side and tends to overcompensate for those lost years. Jessie is careless, selfish and manipulative. She has no shame when it comes to her body or her sexuality." - HuniePop Game Description.

“Jessie is a porn star who’s looking for other opportunities in the industry now that her age is starting to show and she doesn’t get as many film offers.” - HunieCam Studio Bio

"Jessie! As she began to hit the wall in her late 30s, her porn offers dried up and she had to retire. Now she feels used, unwanted and discarded. She drinks, a lot, to forget about the mistakes she's made. She'll do anything for sexual attention to feel young and desirable again." - Huniepop 2018 Description by HuniePotDev.[1]

In Huniepop 1, Jessie is a carefree and rather selfish person. She has no shame about her sexuality and cares little about sustained relationships. She views the Player essentially as her sugar daddy and likely has no true feelings for them. Despite this behavior, Jessie has deep respect for family, and expresses a deep desire to reconnect with her daughter, Tiffany, though she has apparently been unsuccessful. Ignoring her selfish behavior, she is a generally kind person and seems to have some minor regrets about her past, though they are nowhere near as obvious as in Huniepop 2.

In Huniepop 2, Jessie's personality takes on a drastic change. Instead of the fun-loving and highly irresponsible woman of the first game, Jessie is consistently depressed and melancholy. She is an alcoholic, drinking to forget about the mistakes and disappointments of her life. She has also developed emphysema from smoking too much. Although Jessie still has a sense of humor, it is much more self-deprecating and tame, nor does she seem as sexually promiscuous as in the first game. She still makes sexual jokes or teases the Player and the other girls, but her bottomless libido from HP1 is significantly cut back. It is evident that her relationship with Tiffany has gotten even worse, with Tiffany blocking Jessie on all social media and this might have been the turning point for Jessie's change in character. Jessie also seems to be aware of the fact that the Player had sex with Tiffany in the first game, and although Jessie doesn't appear upset by this, it is this realization that might have further cracked she and Tiffany's already rocky relationship. Jessie is desperate for love, or at least some validation. She has all but lost her job as an adult actress and this makes her feel used up and worthless.



Ever since Tiffany was young, Jessie has always been the one to look after her. However, 20 years later, Jessie and Tiffany are very distant from each other due to Jessie's questionable lifestyle choices. Jessie sometimes talks about her daughter who no longer talks to her. From then onwards, Jessie and Tiffany no longer have a strong bond or a mother-daughter relationship with each other, but it is implied that Jessie misses Tiffany.

Their relationship has not gotten any better years later, with Jessie mentioning that Tiffany blocked her on all social media accounts.


Jessie and Lola have a weird friendship. They communicate by teasing one another with quotes such as "love you, baby" or cuss at one another, however this is playful and they are close friends. Jessie and Lola have a "Girl's Night Out" weekend with drinking and partying with their friend Aiko.

It was revealed that the two, typically when Jessie is intoxicated, made out with each other "at least half a dozen times." They are a compatible pair.


Jessie and Aiko have a somewhat rare relationship. Aiko has no idea that Jessie is Tiffany's mother. During the weekends, Jessie sometimes invites Aiko with Lola to nightclubs for drinking and partying all night long (seen in the Digital Art Collection).


Jessie and Beli have a balanced relationship. They have some agreements and disagreements with things on their minds. Jessie does some erotic things to Beli, for example, one of the images shows Jessie groping Beli's chest. In the game, Jessie purchased a bikini for Beli to wear at the beach, Beli's reaction to the outfit was negative and she refused to wear it because it exposed her body more than she was comfortable with.

The Player

Jessie has a positive relationship with the Player, as such with all the other girls. Similar to Aiko, Jessie will ask the Player more intimate and sexual questions (befitting her personality). She does not seem to care if the Player "sleeps around", as evidenced by her reply to the question "have you ever slept around while dating someone?" There is a possibility that Jessie may lie to the Player and generally does not seem to have sincere love or affection for him/her. Jessie seems to only like the Player for their sexuality and constant gifting, of which is needed to progress in-game.


Abia is a huge fan of Jessie's films and upon meeting her, she was starstruck. The two are a compatible pair with each date getting closer together, with Jessie finding Abia "cute."


Lailani and Jessie are a compatible pair, Jessie being the first to show interest in Lailani, finding her rather cute and adorable.


Baggage is a feature exclusive to HuniePop 2 that equips all 12 dateable girls with a set of three unique traits that are unlocked during conversation and pose additional challenge during dates.

Baggage Image Description
Depression Item baggage depression.png Will lose sentiment after an amount of moves.
Emphysema Item baggage emphysema.png Will sometimes cough and fail to recover stamina.
Busted Vadge Item baggage busted vadge.png Sexuality matches will not count for Jessie.

Gifts (HuniePop 2)

All of the 12 dateable girls have two sets of four unique gifts each, in charge of increasing the player's Passion and Style LVL. Jessie's unique gift type are Alcoholic Beverages and her shoe type is Peep-toe heels.

Unique Gifts Shoes
Item Name Image Item Name Image
Gin Item unique gin.png Leopard Peep Toes Item shoes leopard peep toes.png
Whiskey Item unique whisky.png Plaid Peep Toes Item shoes plaid peep toes.png
Vodka Item unique vodka.png Angel Peep Toes Item shoes angel peep toes.png
Rum Item unique rum.png Ribbon Peep Toes Item shoes ribbon peep toes.png
Tequila (Removed) Item unique tequila.png Elegant Peep Toes (Removed) Item shoes elegant peep toes.png

HunieCam Statistics

Initial Style Level:


Initial Talent Level:


Initial Pay Rate:



MILF, Chubby






  • HuniePotDev has stated on his Twitter that Jessie's name derived from "An alteration of the name for the first ever prototype girl, Jessica (Who eventually became Tiffany)."
  • Jessie is one of the three girls who are in all three Hunie games, the other two being Kyu and Lola.
  • In Jessie's third text message to the player, she references the "put shoe on head" meme, not seeming to understand it.
  • In response to the change in Jessie and other character's breast sizes, HuniePot Dev has stated on his Twitter that "Note: Technically Jessie's breast size hasn’t really changed. I just decided to re-scale the cup sizes because I think I was way off in HP1. Jessie is way bigger than DD."
  • She's voiced by Morgan Lauré in HuniePop 2: Double Date.
  • In Huniepop 2, Jessie, similarly to other the girls, takes on some of the outfits of the Huniecam Studio girls who did not make it into the game. Notably, her wardrobe includes Marlena's outfits/hair styles "Glowing Halo and Sweet Angel", as well as "Evil Horns and Sinful Devil" and "Supernova and Cloud Nine".