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Night: Bar & Lounge

Question Answer Response
Hi there! What? Who... me? Yeah, you!
HI!! HELLO!! Wow, okay. Could I get you to maybe take it down a notch? I'm right here.
Uhhhhh... Um, hello? Is anybody home?
(previous response: see above) Oh, sorry. I just... don't talk to many girls. Well you're talking to one now, champ.
I think I'm in love with you. Ok...
You're like really, really cute. I know right? It's crazy.
My name is Kyu; nice to meet you. I literally can't remember my name right now. Ok. We'll try that again later.
Kyu? That's a weird name. Oh, thanks. No that's great, I have a weird name.
You mean, like, the letter? Nope. Not like that at all.
Look dude/girl, are you gonna be alright? Looks like you're having some trouble holding it together over there. Oh, no I just... Uhhh, I just... You just... you just? Yeah, that's what I thought.
Hmm? Nah, I'm chill, I'm chill. Pssssh! That's a fat load of shit and you know it!
What do you mean? I'm fine. What do I mean? I mean I can literally see you sweating through your shirt.
(previous response: see above) Wel, it's just that... you're so pretty and stuff. Oh, god, did you just say that? Is this happening?
Is it that obvious? I could see how uncomfortable you are from space
Shit... Yeah, sorry. I should just go. Or you could just stop being so weird about it.

Night: Your Bedroom

Question Answer Response
Hey, you! Rise and shine! We've got work to do. I said GET UP! Alright, alright... I'm up, I'm... zZzZzZz... Am I gonna have to pull the covers off?
Mmmm, five more minutes... No way dude/girlfriend. No time to waste!
Aww, I was having the best dream. I bet you were.
(previous response: see above) Who, wait! Who are you!? Don't you recognize this adorable face? It's Kyu, from the bar.
That getup... I'm definitely still dreaming. Afraid not, this is totally happening.
How did you get in here? I'm calling the police. Chill out for a second. You'll be glad I showed up.
Don't you recognize this adorable face? It's Kyu, from the bar. I'm so confused right now. What's going on? Why are they always confused?...
Yeah... but you had brown hair. Also, not wings. Clever disguise, right? I can change my hair any color I want. It's pretty sweet.
Huh... Did you... I mean... Did we...? No, no, god no! Besides, I was on a clock.
If you can't tell by now, I'm a fairy. Well, a love fairy to be exact. Okay. But, fairies aren't actually a thing. Common misconception. I assure you that fairies are indeed a thing.
Ohhh! Well why didn't you just say so? Funny, but let's leave the sarcasm to me, alright?
Question. What exactly is a love fairy? Good question. I'm glad you asked.
All of my previous clients are basically walking babe magnets now. You though... Let's just say, you will be my greatest accomplishment yet. Why do you want to help me? What's in it for you? Man, you and all the questions. Can't a fairy just help a brother/sister out?
Thanks but no thanks. I'm doing just fine on my own.
I'm still having a hard time accepting the fairy thing. It kinda crushes my reality. It's fine, just go with it; it's gonna be great.
We need to get started right away. Tell me, how many dates HAVE you been on? Define "date".
Like actual dates with physical girls? Oh my god, it's worse than I thought, isn't it?
I mean, you know, an amount.

Morning: Your Bedroom

Question Answer Response
Okay, great! I think that's it for now. Let's get out there and talk to some broads! Or... we just chill here and play video games. I said... let's go talk to some broads!
Hell yeah! Let's do this shit! That's what I like to hear!
I'm not ready! Please don't make me do this! What's that? I didn't hear it. Did you just say, hell yeah?

Question & Answer

When we first met, what color dress was I wearing?


What did I say about approaching Audrey when you first ran into her?

Take charge and don't let her bullshit get to you.

When first meeting Beli, what was my advice to you?

To quickly say something to her before she had a chance to getaway.

Do you remember what I said about approaching Kyanna for the first time?

She's looking for a decent guy/girl so try not to be an asshole.

How did I advise you to approach Lola when first meeting her?

Open up with something safe to try and get on her good side.

What was my advice to you when meeting Tiffany?

Don't be afraid to take a chance but try not to scare her off.

How did I tell you to open up your initial interaction with Nikki?

That my weirdness might actually pay off so just be myself.

When you first met Jessie, how did I suggest you approach her?

The nice guy/girl shit wasn't going to cut it so I had to be aggressive.

How did I suggest that you open the initial conversation with Aiko?

Say something really stupid to try and cheer her up.

Where did we go so I could teach you about dating?

Outdoor Lounge.

What type of token was your first ever token match?

Romance Tokens.

Where did you and I first meet?

Bar & Lounge.

Do you remember what day it was when we first met?


Where do I like to hang out?

My Bedroom.

What color was my hair when we first met?


I know you're gonna be able to tell me what my favorite color is, right?

Hot Pink.

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