Physical Description

Lillian has a thin but curvaceous body with medium sized breasts. She has pale, almost white, skin and violet eyes. She has black hair and sports two tattoos; A skull & crossbones with a bow on it on the right side of her hip, and a star on the top of her left breast. Lillian also has quite a few piercings; a stud on her nose, snakebites, and four on her left ear. Her makeup consists of dark mauve eyeshadow, lipstick, and nail polish.

In her default outfit which is called "Bratty Baby" and "Mall Goth", Lillian wears a black tube-top with side straps on it, and a pair of black hip-hugger pants. Her hair is styled in two long pigtails with bowl cut bangs and long wisps of hair hanging in front of her ears. In this outfit the only accessory she wears is a spiked bracelet.


"Lillian is a gothed-out brat who hangs out at the food court in the mall. She hates her parents and is verbally abusive to them despite still living with them. They know she cams and disapprove but she insists that nobody is the boss of her and she'll do whatever she wants. Her age is highly questionable but her ID says 18 so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" - Game Description





Not much is known about her relationship with her parents except the fact that she is in severe terms with both of them and it is stated that she "hates her parents and is verbally abusive to them despite still living with them." Lillian has an unstable relationship with her parents is all that is known.

The Player (HunieCam Studio)

Much similar to Audrey, Lillian hates her job and often comes off as rude when talking to her boss - however, unlike Audrey, Lillian is more sarcastic in her demeanor than hateful.


Initial Style Level:


Initial Talent Level:


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Teen, Tattoos,






  • Her spoiled-brat personality makes her a resemblance to Audrey Belrose.
    • Though her tone is more sarcastic and chill compared to Audrey's.
  • She is voiced by Arden Jones in HunieCam Studio, the same person who voices Momo.
    • In HuniePop 2, she is voiced by Amber Leigh.
  • She is the youngest human character in the series.
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