What's a kitty doing when it's trilling?

Making purr-like vocal noises.

Do you know about how much of their lives cats spend grooming? Huh?


Do you know what kind of taste kitties don't have?


Which one of these is not a breed of cat?


What's a group of cats called?


What's another name for a female kitty?


What kinda aminal has more teeth, a kitty or a doggy?

Dogs have more teeth.

Do you know how long indoor cats usually live for about?

14-16 years.

What's it mean when a cat is called feral?

The cat is no longer domesticated.

What's the scientific name for a kitty?

Felis Catus

What do you call a group of tiny baby kittens?


How long is a cat pregnant before it has a baby kitty?

2 months

What does it mean when a kitty has her tail under her body?

She's scared.

How long does a cat spend sleeping in one day?

14-16 hours