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Physical Description

Nora has an average build with medium-sized breasts. She has slightly tan skin (much lighter than Kyanna’s) and bright blue eyes with a beauty mark just below her left eye. She has dark brown hair and her makeup consists of brown eyeshadow, bright red lipstick, and french-tipped nails. She always wears thin gold hoop earrings and a nose stud. Nora has an elaborate tattoo on her left arm of a heart surrounded by roses and a ribbon that seems to write out "Hope" (which has now been changed to her name).

In her default outfit, called "Bandana" and "Chola" (now both renamed "Caliente" in HuniePop 2), Nora wears a blue flannel shirt that is only buttoned at the top, leaving her white bra and midriff exposed, her bottoms are white jeans. Her dark brown hair is pulled into a small ponytail and her bangs are slicked back into a "bump." She also sports a blue bandana wrapped up to resemble a hairband.


"Nora is a badass bitch who grew up on the streets slingin' rock to get by. She's out of the game now but the rent isn't gonna pay itself."  - Game Description

In Huniepop 2, at first glance, Nora is very standoffish and cold because she had a very difficult, poverty-stricken early life with an absent father. Deep down, however, she is loving towards her young cousin Philip and has a genuinely good heart. When she steals some jewelry from Lola, her conscience after spending some time with her compels Nora to tell her the truth and admit her deed. Nora evidently still suffers from money problems, but is extremely grateful when given food items because she struggles to afford to feed herself. Nora also seems overworked at the hotel on Inna de Poona but still remains hardworking and dedicated to the job, even if it is just a means to provide for herself and to help out her cousin, Kyanna.



HuniePot has confirmed that Kyanna and Nora are cousins which makes Phillip, Kyanna's son, her first cousin once removed. She looks after Phillip sometimes and is very conscious of him. For example, if you give her toys as gifts, she thanks you because it's something he'd like.

Nora mentions that Kyanna is the only person she can trust.


Nora is Candace's cocaine dealer, despite Nora wanting to get out of the drug dealing business. They seem to be on good terms, although Candace's behavior seems to concern her. Nora warns her to speak quieter during their deals to not get caught and advises her to cut back on the drugs a bit.


Ashley and Nora get along rather well. When the two meet each other for the first time, they both show to like each other's appearance, mentioning their tattoos and piercings.


When Sarah and Nora first encounter, Sarah acts rather annoying towards Nora. However, after their first date together Nora grows a liking towards Sarah, describing her as innocent; as if she hasn't been corrupted by the world yet.


Baggage is a feature exclusive to HuniePop 2 that equips all 12 dateable girls with a set of three unique traits that are unlocked during conversation and pose additional challenge during dates.

Baggage Image Description
Abandonment Issues Item baggage abandonment issues.png You will lose points when you switch to your other date.
Emotionally Guarded Item baggage emotionally guarded.png Broken heart tokens don't affect Nora, but twice as many fall.
Vindictive Item baggage vindictive.png If Nora becomes upset, she'll throw away 1 date gift from her and her date.


All of the 12 dateable girls have two sets of four unique gifts each, in charge of increasing the player's Passion and Style LVL. Nora's unique gift type is Babysitting Items and her shoe type are Sneakers.

Unique Gifts Shoes
Item Name Image Item Name Image
Baby Bottle Item unique baby bottle.png Airy Sneakers Item shoes airy sneakers.png
Binky Item unique binky.png Ballin' Sneakers Item shoes ballin sneakers.png
Car Carrier Item unique car carrier.png High Top Sneakers Item shoes high top sneakers.png
Diapers Item unique diapers.png Training Sneakers Item shoes training sneakers.png
Baby Cap (Removed) Item unique baby cap.png Skater Sneakers (Removed) Item shoes skater sneakers.png




Initial Style Level:


Initial Talent Level:


Initial Pay Rate:



Latina, Tattoos






  • HuniePotDev has hinted on his twitter and then later confirmed in her introduction profile that Nora and Kyanna are cousins.
  • Nora is one of the three girls who are Latina. The other two are Kyanna and Marlena.
  • HuniePotDev has stated on his twitter that Nora "is in fact based on Selena Gomez. One photo shoot in particular". Her default outfit is based on the outfit Selena wore for the MTV EMA 2011 Promo
  • In reference to Nora's default outfit "Chola", as well as the way she speaks in game and her ethnicity, it is assumed that she is apart of the Hispanic subculture known as "Chola". This style depicts women of Latina or Hispanic decent often with a rough, badass style, generally speaking their minds a lot, emotionally expressive and flaunting raza (brown pride or Barrio). Chola women wear very heavy makeup, with drawn on eyebrows typically above the eyebrow line, bright red lipstick, and dark eyeliner and eyeshadow.
  • She is voiced in HunieCam and likely in HuniePop 2 by Samantha Brentmoor.
  • She's the only girl from HunieCam Studio whose main outfit has become alternative in HuniePop 2.