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Physical Description

Moxie - Moxie is the pink Nymphojinn. She has long astral pastel rainbow colored hair with a braided fringe to parting to the side. She has a very curvy physique with huge breasts. She also has long light pink claw-like nails. Her clothing consists of a pair of white panties, a pair of sheer white finger-less gloves with gold accents and arm band, a golden garter belt, a top that has angel like wings coming out of a gold pendant with an orange gem on the front, sheer white shoulder sleeves, sheer white collar with a gold star pendant, and a sheer red-ish pink material covering her torso. She has an angel wing hair accessory that matches her shirt. Her overall theme seems to be that of the sun and day.

Jewn - Jewn is the blue Nymphojinn. She has holographic like colored hair tied up into a pair of twin/pig tails, and an un-parted fringe. She has 2 slightly darker blue horns protruding from her forehead. She has a very curvy physique with huge breasts. She also had long light blue claw-like nails. Unlike Moxie, Jewn has a tail with a heart shape on the end. Her clothing consists of a pair of white panties, a pair of purple finger-less gloves with a finger ring that that are separated in the middle by blue fishnet, and have metal eyelets going up the bicep area. She has on a purple bat wing like garter belt that has a sheer blue bat wing like fabric coming out the sides. Her top is a blue material with blue fishnets accenting it. Her top also has a silver pendant with a blue gem on the front that has purple bat wing coming out of it. Her top has blue straps that cross her chest and collarbone from her arms, connecting to a choker like piece that consists of more fishnet and has a silver moon pendant on it. She also has a purple bat wing in her hair. Her overall theme seems to be that of the moon and night.

Both Moxie and Jewn have glowing yellow eyes, and have two black triangular lines going down their cheeks from both eyes. The both also have the planet saturn behind their heads, Moxie's being yellow and orange in color, and Jewn's being purple and blue. Both girls also have ethereal like wings and symbols behind them. Moxie's is yellow and pink while Jewn's is blue and purple.


The Nymphojinn are extremely powerful, "unspeakably horny", and vengeful beings full of immeasurable lust. Moxie is more brash, arrogant and derogatory, while Jewn is more subtle and mocking. Both Nymphojinn are cold and callous, so much so that they actually cackle when the Player is failing, actively rejoicing and crowing on about the Players' inevitable defeat. Moxie and Jewn are both entirely unconvinced of even the idea of the Player's success.


Very little is known about the Nymphojinn. They are two cosmic beings capable of unspeakable chaos during their menstrual periods and can only be thwarted when sexually satisfied and put back into a slumber. They are so powerful, in fact, that they have been known to destroy entire galaxies. Moxie and Jewn, during the events of Huniepop 2: Double Date, have woken after having slept for the past ten thousand years.




  • As of current, they are the only boss characters in the franchise.
  • They are the only characters that have the ability to possess other characters.
    • Thus, they are also the only characters to not have a defined set of traits and instead take on the traits of any character they possess.
  • They are the only characters within the game that must be dated multiple times consecutively, granting the player 100 moves to last all four dates on Average Guy/Average Girl (Normal) difficulty, 120 moves on Chad/Stacy (Easy) difficulty, and 80 moves on Incel/Femcel (Hard) difficulty.
  • They are the only characters so far who only have 1 outfit each.