Each girl has 5 outfits, 4 of which can be unlocked through dates. A girl will always change into the specified outfit for the date location, regardless of the outfit selected for her by the player

Outfits by Location

This table shows the outfit unlocked at each location for each girl. Locations with an x use the starting outfit (or are unavailable for a date in a couple of instances)

Hiking Trail Botanical Gardens Farmer's Market Ice Rink Water Park Tennis Courts Scenic Overlook Gold Falls Casino Hot Springs Corkscrew Carnival Vinnie's Restaurant Outdoor Lounge
Tiffany Coconut Palm Blueberry Picnic Blueberry Picnic Cherry Cheer Freezy Pop Cherry Cheer Coconut Palm x Freezy Pop Cherry Cheer Blueberry Picnic Coconut Palm
Aiko Gold Chateau Dahlia Rose Dahlia Rose Gold Chateau Royal Flush Gold Chateau February Air x Royal Flush Dahlia Rose February Air February Air
Kyanna Checkmate Lemon Cream Lemon Cream Checkmate Emerald Coast x Oye Mamacita Checkmate Emerald Coast Oye Mamacita Lemon Cream Oye Mamacita
Audrey* x x x Lacy Daydream Candy Wrapper Thottie Lacy Daydream Gothic Lolita Candy Wrapper x Gothic Lolita Thottie
Lola Tennis Dress Lazy Sunday Tennis Dress Lazy Sunday Slip 'n Slide Tennis Dress Lazy Sunday Downtown Slip 'n Slide x Downtown Downtown
Nikki Yuppie Pajamas Independent Yuppie Sunset Shore Yuppie x Independent Sunset Shore Pajamas Independent Pajamas
Jessie Country Life Bar Maiden Country Life Bar Maiden Purple Passion Bar Maiden Playful Bunny Playful Bunny Purple Passion Country Live x Playful Bunny
Beli Native Chic x Native Chic Aztec Flair With Love Eastern Desire Eastern Desire Aztec Flair With Love Aztec Flair Native Chic Eastern Desire
Kyu Magical Girl x Neon Aurora Magical Girl Nature's Bounty Neon Aurora Neon Aurora Lovely Lust Nature's Bounty Magical Girl Lovely Lust Lovely Lust
Momo x Super Sailor Posh Kitty Super Sailor Lemon Lime Posh Kitty Loyal Servant Loyal Servant Lemon Lime Super Sailor Posh Kitty Loyal Servant
Celeste** x x x Desert Slave x x Desert Slave x Singularity Latex Huntress Hyperdrive Latex Huntress
Venus Trophy Wife x Burlesque Burlesque Heavenly Bliss Trophy Wife Sinful Wish Sinful Wish Heavenly Bliss Trophy Wife Burlesque Sinful Wish

* Audrey cannot go on morning dates, with the exception of your first encounter. This date will still have her starting outfit

** Celeste cannot go on morning or afternoon dates. However, she can go on a date to the Ice Rink, which replaces the Gold Falls Casino on her list of options for evening dates