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Physical Description

Polly has a thin, toned body, with moderately sized breasts. She has light skin with a beauty mark on her right cheekbone, turquoise eyes and permed, dyed, blonde hair swept up in a pink headband. Her makeup consists of pink eyeshadow, blue eyeliner, strawberry colored lipstick, and baby pink nail polish. Polly's default outfit is modeled after 80's clothing. Along with the headband she wears chunky, light pink, triangle shaped, dangle earrings, a turquoise leotard with a red and yellow shooting star design, a pink, off-the-shoulder, three quarter length, crop top with a yellow and silver 80's textile design, black arm warmers, and thin, black tights.


"Polly is by far the most requested type of character we've ever had. She's a very classy and traditional lady that dreams of someday being the perfect housewife. She's kinda obsessed with stereotypically girly things like fashion and makeup. She even has her own online beauty channel with like tons of viewers. Also, she has a dick! So you better pack some extra lube in that carry-on. You're gonna need it!" - Kyu via Hunie Direct - Aug 2018  video.

Polly is a classy girl who absolutely believes she was born in the wrong decade. Her idyllic future is to become a 1950s-style traditional housewife and make her husband (if the Player is male) or wife (if the Player is female) happy. Polly is overtly a 'girly-girl', enjoying stereotypically feminine activities involving makeup, fashion and gossip. She also runs a highly successful beauty channel online, and can be highly catty and competitive with her contemporaries. Despite her few negative attributes, including her intense jealousy of other women when too much attention is put on them and not her, Polly is a very sweet, good-humored lady with a load of both sass and class.


Baggage is a feature exclusive to HuniePop 2 that equips all 12 dateable girls with a set of three unique traits that are unlocked during conversation and pose additional challenge during dates.

Baggage Image Description
Drama Queen Item baggage drama queen.png If Polly becomes upset, she'll drain 4 sentiment from her and her date.
Jealousy Item baggage jealousy.png Polly will drain 5% of the total Affection Goal whenever her date receives a date gift, unless she's upset or exhausted.
Brand Loyalist Item baggage brand loyalist.png Cannot use any cosmetic or jewelry gifts unless Polly is upset or exhausted.


All of the 12 dateable girls have two sets of four unique gifts each, in charge of increasing the player's Passion and Style LVL. Polly's unique gift type are Antiques and her shoe type are Pumps.

Unique Gifts Shoes
Item Name Image Item Name Image
Phonograph Item unique phonograph.png Classy Pumps Item shoes classy pumps.png
Radio Item unique radio.png Polka Dot Pumps Item shoes polka dot pumps.png
Television Item unique television.png Shiny Pumps Item shoes shiny pumps.png
Jukebox Item unique jukebox.png Girly Pumps Item shoes girly pumps.png
Soda Machine (Removed) Item unique soda machine.png Fancy Pumps (Removed) Item shoes fancy pumps.png


Zoey mentions that Polly has something of a troubled past, and clues of Polly's sad childhood can be gleamed in her conversations with Candace, who she used to babysit. Polly was frequently bullied growing up for what remains ambiguous reasons, though it can speculated it was for being a very flamboyant and "strange" person (seeing her life goals, fashion sense, etc. as outdated), potentially her being transgender, or both.

Polly also babysat Candace when she was younger, and from their conversations they had a very good relationship and still think well of each other, though this leads to some potential loopholes in the story because Polly is only about seven years older than Candace, which means that Polly may have been either quite a young teenager or preteen when she began babysitting Candace. Given Candace's mental faculties even as an adult, however, it can also be assumed she needed care even at an age when most children can be by themselves.

Polly is not mentioned to, nor mentions herself, having any parents or siblings and the nature of any of her familial relationships is highly speculative. However, Polly still holds some level or resentment or at least emotional pain over the intense bullying she suffered when she was younger.



Polly used to babysit Candace when she was younger. She recognizes her right away, though Candace herself has a bit of a hard time remembering who Polly is. Once she does, though, she remarks that Polly has changed a lot since the last time they saw each other, though Candace's terrible memory wouldn't make this very surprising.


Polly comes to Inna de Poona to do a photo shoot with Ashley. The two have been mutual fans for some time and get along great.


Zoey and Polly are on good terms. Polly first notices Zoey due to her odd fashion choices, and her attempts at giving Zoey makeup advice only lead to awkwardness. Though at first she seems put off by Zoey's behavior, Zoey asks Polly about her troubled past and offers her compassion, to Polly's gratitude.


Brooke and Polly get along well generally. However, Brooke disagrees with how Polly views marriage, and in response to her saying that she wants to be a "cute little wifey," Brooke sighs and mutters, "To be so naive and idealistic again..." In return, Polly wonders how Brooke is able to be so far away from her husband. Both have things the other wants: Marriage on Brooke's part, and youth, beauty and success on Polly's.


Clarissa is a rival TeleYouber to Polly. According to Polly she stole her video idea, format and intro. Polly however seems to have some dirt on her and is planning to make a video calling her out.


When first introduced in the Hunie Direct - Aug 2018  video, Polly was confirmed to be a transgender woman who had not fully transitioned.  There was a mixed response to this announcement within hours of the video's upload prompting HunieDev to start a strawpoll for adding an option in-game to finish the game without a sexual encounter with Polly. The results were almost completely cut in half with two-fifths preferring to have this feature added. In a later tweet, HunieDev announced that instead of adding said option, they would add a feature to allow the player to choose Polly's gender either as a transgender female or female at birth stating that while they could not please everyone, having the player choose would be the best way to make most people happy. This too, was met with polarizing opinions to the point where HunieDev has rescinded the use of the term transgender and has opted for the terms "female" and "female with male genitals" as a way to avoid using any specific terminology, which has been considered to be a major downgrade in representation.


  • Polly is the first girl to have the player choose her genitals.
    • That being said, she's also the first girl with a penis in the HuniePop franchise.
  • Polly's outfits seems to be based off of old fashion periods such as the 80's and 50's.
    • It's even very similar to the one Olivia Newton John has in the music video "Physical".
  • She is voiced by Marissa Lenti.
    • According to her tweet , Polly's voice was inspired by a mix of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper
    • Marissa Lenti also voice acts Cocotte from the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Super and Moze from Borderlands 3.
    • Originally, Polly was to have two voice actors, the other being Minh Ton, but at the time of casting, Minh was underage. Therefore, he was re-casted as a future voice actor for any new characters added in future games or DLC.
      • Though as of November 2019, Minh is now of age and has the potential role for voicing Polly in a future update.
  • Although Polly's "junk" is up to the player's choice, her genitalia is only actually shown in one CG (with Ashley) and nowhere else.
    • Regardless of what the player picks, when you first meet Polly, there's dialogue about the HunieBee not registering her straight away.