HunieDev live in the flesh (via a twitter post)

"Creator of HuniePop & HunieCam Studio. Co-creator of The Spiral Scouts. Working on HuniePop 2."
— "HunieDev's Twitter Bio"


Ryan Koons, known by his online username "HuniePotDev" or "HunieDev", is the founder of "HuniePot" and the co-founder of "Cantaloupe Kids." He's the creator of HuniePop and HunieCam Studio , as well as the co-creator of Spiral Scouts. Currently, he's working on the upcoming game, HuniePop 2 , the sequel to HuniePop.

Prior to making HuniePop, he has worked for Imsomniac Games and Activision.


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HunieDev's Profile Pic (ft. Smug Kyu)

Tumblr blog for his developments

His Twitter

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