STDs are illnesses that girls can get while escorting at the Sleazy Motel. Each STD has different effects on the girl, and may or may not be curable. Curable STDs can be cured using Antibiotics from the Adult Shop after three days. Condoms can be used to prevent a girl from contracting an STD while escorting, but it can only be used once. Steroids can negate the affects of an STD for two days. After a girl contracts an STD she will not be able to escort anymore.



Affected girl is too sad to do anything, because she has AIDS. This STD is incurable.


Affected girl will become stressed out twice as fast. This STD is curable.


Affected girl will have the clap, which will prevent her from gaining any talent or style points. This STD is curable.


Affected girl will be too embarrassed to do any Cam Shows. This STD is curable.


Affected girl will have gross flair ups, causing her to earn half as much money and half as many fans. This STD is incurable


Affected girl will be too embarrassed to do any photo shoots. This STD is curable.