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Physical Description

Sarah has a slightly chubby build with medium sized breasts. She has slightly dark spray tanned skin and violet eyes. She has bleach blonde hair (dyed) and her makeup consists of white eyeshadow and lipstick with eye stickers in the shapes of stars and hearts just below her eyes. Specifically, under her left eye she wears a blue heart, and under her other eye, she has a purple star.

In Her default outfit, called "Bleach Blonde" and "Ganguro Girl", Sarah wears a hot pink strapless dress with a sweetheart top and a sheer skirt, exposing a yellow bikini bottom. Her bleach blonde hair is tied in pigtails with an orange hibiscus on the right and pink hibiscus (with a pearl and flower drop piece) tucked into the left. She wears two necklaces; the smaller one is a white pearl necklace and the larger is a Hawaiian lei of orange and yellow hibiscus flowers. She also sports 2 gold bangles on her left arm.

She looks very similar in HuniePop2 (putting aside the change in art style) however, she has some minor changes. Her bottoms are now hot pink, the top flower on her the drip piece on her hibiscus is now red, while the bottom one is now yellow. She now has a blue star under her left eye and a pink heart on her right eye.


"'Suki' is an unbearable weeaboo who thinks she's Japanese and culturally appropriates the fuck out of their fashion trends. Her actual name is Sarah and she's the worst. But she's kinda hot in that weird way so despite her obnoxious personality she manages to do well online with desperate anime nerds." - Game Description

"Inspired by the insufferable halls of anime conventions everywhere." - HuniePotDev Via Twitter

True to her game description, Sarah is extremely obnoxious, loud and makes over-the-top outbursts that annoy everyone around her. She is obsessed with Japan, anime and culturally appropriates everything about the culture, from their fashion to their language. She is also quite ignorant, evident in the way she mistakes Lailani for being Japanese, despite Lailani being Polynesian. She is also little perverted, watching several different hentai's in her free time.


Baggage is a feature exclusive to HuniePop 2 that equips all 12 dateable girls with a set of three unique traits that are unlocked during conversation and pose additional challenge during dates.

Baggage Image Description
Annoying as Fuck Item baggage annoying as fuck.png 15% chance Sarah will leave behind a Broken Heart token after a match that was directed at her.
Attention Whore Item baggage attention whore.png 15% she'll steal a move that was directed at her date, unless she's upset or exhausted.
Smelly Pussy Item baggage smelly pussy.png A fishy aroma emanating from Sarah will reduce the amount of Passion tokens that fall by 20% for the duration of the date.


All of the 12 dateable girls have two sets of four unique gifts each, in charge of increasing the player's Passion and Style LVL. Sarah's unique gift type is Weeb Shit and her shoe type is (Harajuku) Platforms.

Unique Gifts Shoes
Item Name Image Item Name Image
Cellphone Cover Item unique cellphone cover.png Candy Platforms Item shoes candy platforms.png
Chibi Figurine Item unique chibi figurine.png Geta Platforms Item shoes geta platforms.png
Booby Mousepad Item unique booby mousepad.png Rainbow Platforms Item shoes rainbow platforms.png
Manga Book Item unique manga book.png Star Platforms Item shoes star platforms.png
Japanese Candy (Removed) Item unique japanese candy.png Light Up Platforms (Removed) Item shoes light up platforms.png





Sarah works for Brooke. She is possibly her sugar baby, seeing as Sarah asks her for her allowance and also tells Lailani that Brooke may take her to Japan if she behaves. Brooke, however, is hard on her in return.


Sarah and Lailani seem friendly to each other. Lailani, however, finds Sarah's behavior off-putting and likely annoying. Sarah mistakes her for being Japanese and immediately takes a liking to her because of this, despite Lailani attempting to tell her several times that she is not Japanese.


When they first meet, Nora, like so many other girls on the island, finds Sarah loud and annoying. As they grow closer to each other during dates, Nora says she likes Sarah's innocent personality.


Initial Style Level:


Initial Talent Level:


Initial Pay Rate:



Chubby, Thick Ass






  • She is voiced by Amber Lee Connors in HunieCam Studio, who also voices Beli and Candace (HunieCam Studio).
  • She is the second girl to have a hairstyle named "Kawaii" and an outfit named "Kimono". The other is Momo.
  • The "Chibi Figurine" gift is of Momo from HuniePop 1.
  • The "Booby Mousepad" gift is of Celeste from HuniePop 1.
  • In her default outfit, she looks similar to Trisha Paytas in the video "Japanese Popstar Trishii".
    • It may be possible that she was also inspired by Pixyteri.
  • Originally, she was employed in a Boba Tea Shop, as evident from her info card during her reveal.
  • Her favorite anime "Chitsu no Senshi" literally translates to "Vagina Warrior" or "Warrior of Vaginas."
  • Sarah is likely the most unpopular girl in the series due to her personality, which many fans have found grating and annoying.