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Questions & Answers

Each girl has 26 total questions they will ask you in no particular order. 14 of these questions involve personal conversation, whereas the other 12 are questions about the girl, such as cup size, height, weight, and favorite season.

The fourteen conversational questions are listed in bold below, along with the "correct" answer for a generally positive reaction and a Hunie point reward.* The answers for the other twelve questions are found in the girls' profiles on the HunieBee, under the "Details" page, or under the "Information" tab above.

1.) Do you believe in extraterrestrial stuff? You know, like aliens and that?

a.) I'll believe it when I see it.

2.) Do you still talk with any of your ex's?

a.) Yeah, I keep in touch with some of them.

3.) Have you ever cheated on anybody? Be honest!

a.) Nope! Not yet anyway.

4.) Have you ever done any drugs?

a.) I've messed around a little in the past but I'm over it.

5.) Have you slept with a lot of girls? Wait, don't tell me... No! Wait! Yes, tell me.

a.) I lost count around forty.

6.) How close are you with your family?

a.) I try to stay as far away from those freaks as I can.

7.) How do you feel about open relationships?

a.) It's not really my thing.

8.) If you had to pick one, what do you think your biggest weakness is?

a.) I can be pretty insecure about my relationship.

9.) Ummm... you're not like, dating anybody else right now, are you?

a.) Yeah, but only like seven other chicks.

10.) What are your thoughts on school? I mean, going to college.

a.) I love the academic environment. I wish school never ended.

11.) What was your first kiss like?

a.) Sloppy! I don't think either of us knew what we were doing.

12.) What's your idea of like, the perfect date?

a.) Sitting at home, ordering a pizza and watching a movie.

13.) What's your opinion on people who smoke?

a.) I can't stand smoke. It's disgusting.

14.) Would you date an unattractive girl if you really liked her as a person?

a.) Probably not. I need to be attracted to my partner.

15.) What's like... my favorite thing to do?

a.) Cheerleading.

*[sic] throughout