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Unlocking Requirements

To unlock Venus as a dateable character, the player must first date and have sex with all eight of the main (human) cast and Kyu. Upon attempting to leave the player's bedroom after having sex with the last of the eight girls, the player will be intercepted by Kyu and Venus, who will exchange a few words about the player's "exploits". Venus will then introduce herself as the "final challenge" for the player, as no human has ever successfully wooed her.

Physical Description

The Goddess wears a red and white robe with pure golden bracelets and laces, reminiscent of Greco-Roman apparel. Her hair is mint green and falls to her thighs; it is accessorized with a laurel wreath made of gold. Venus is buxom and sports a very curvaceous hourglass figure, with large breasts and wide hips.


As the Goddess of Love, Venus is in charge of all the love fairies. Her goal is to assist humans in finding their true love, or at least help them gain confidence in the romance department.

Venus is somewhat haughty, being a goddess, and greets and speaks with the player in a regal manner becoming of her status. While not exactly friendly, she does not act demeaning or hostile towards the player, and treats them with an appropriate level of respect. As the player dates her, she makes it clear that she is testing them at every step.

When she asks the player questions, they will most often pertain to specific details about the girls they have dated. Dates will also be more difficult, as the player must obtain a high score, making high-scoring combos and trait upgrades more crucial than ever for the player to be successful on dates.



As ruler of the Sky Garden and head of the love fairies, Venus is Kyu's boss.

Kyu is the only character that Venus is shown interacting with; they appear to know each other well and are on good terms. Kyu introduces The Player to Venus and says he/she's the one who has been sleeping with so many girls, having given her boss a glowing recommendation. After The Player sleeps with Venus, Kyu implies she's thought about doing the same.


  • She is the oldest character in the game at around 10,000 years old, "give or take."
  • She is the only character in the series who is known primarily by her last name. Indeed, her first name, Theiatena, is only ever mentioned when the player first asks her for her last name.
  • In her second picture to the player, Venus says she hasn't always been the Goddess of Love and performed in love clubs to "pay her way through fairy school." In this picture, she's performing in her "Burlesque" outfit, and "Victorian theatrical burlesque" was popular as far back as the 1830s. It's unsure of when the picture is set, but if it was before she became the Goddess, she may have only become the Goddess very recently, at least for a ~10,000-year-old being.
  • The name of her hairstyles are names of other Roman Goddesses.
  • Venus is the Roman equivalent of Aphrodite; the goddess that embodies sex, love, beauty, enticement, seduction, and persuasive female charm.
    • The Roman goddess Venus had a son by the name of Cupid, the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection, whom Kyu's name is derived from. This makes sense as Kyu is an underling to Venus in the game.
  • Venus shares many similarities with Nintendo's Goddess character Palutena from Kid Icarus.
  • Venus is one of eight girls to appear in Random Encounters' video HuniePop the Musical. The others are Nikki (portrayed by Kyanna's voice actress, Hayden Daviau), Kyanna, Audrey, Tiffany, Aiko, Momo, and Kyu.