• "There you are..."
  • "Gorgeous day, is it not?"


  • "Ahem... good to see you again"



  • "Hello again. Productive day?"
  • "Excellent. You're still around."




  • "Farewell."




Accepting "Liked" Gifts


  • “Yeeeesss, this will do veeeerrry nicely. You’ve done well.”
  • “Well… it’s a nice start. What else you got?”
  • “It’s going to take more than a few gifts to win me over.”


Accepting "Loved" Gifts

  • "Well now, what a surprisingly loving gift."
  • "It’s not that I’m materialistic, I just like getting nice things."
  • “What can I say? I may be a goddess but I’m still a girl who loves a thoughtful gift.”

Accepting "Unique" Gifts

  • "Now this is a gift truly worthy of a goddess."
  • "What an exquisite stone… it’s breathtaking!"
  • "Well done. Well done indeed. I’m very pleased with this."

Rejecting Gifts

  • "Is that supposed to be a joke?"
  • "What is that?"
  • "Get it out of my sight."


Accepting Breakfast Items

  • "Mmmmm, actually… quite satisfying."
  • "Muuuch better… I was having a distinct craving for breakfast."
  • "Admittedly, the food down here isn’t half bad."

Accepting Dessert Items

  • "Mmmmmm… so rich and sweet."
  • "Myyyy! What a heavenly dessert."
  • "Simply divine!"

Rejecting Food

  • "You can’t possibly be serious, my dear…"
  • "You’re really going to offer that, to me?"
  • "I wouldn’t be caught dead eating such a thing."

When Full

  • "I don’t even want to think about eating right now…"
  • "I’m not feeling quite up to eating…"
  • "I’m really in no condition for a meal."

When Hungry

  • "I'm feeling rather undernourished. What do you intend to do about it?"
  • "You really need to address my hunger issue before we can proceed."
  • "We won't be doing anything else untiI I get something to eat."


Accepting Alcohol

  • “You know I know what you’re up to, right?”
  • “So, is this how you seduced all the other girls?”
  • “I can hold my liquor very well.”
  • “Be warned, I’m no lightweight”
  • “A toast! To the beautiful love goddess!”

Rejecting Alcohol

  • "I enjoy a stiff drink, but honestly, there’s a better time for these things."
  • "You seem to have a bit of a problem, dear…"
  • "So early in the day? That’s not much of an example to set…"

When Drunk

  • “I’m afraid I may have reached my limit for the night”
  • “I’m not sure how much more drunk I could possibly be.”

When Hungry

  ◾ “You need to feed me before you poison me!”

Before Sex

  • "Come over here and claim your reward. I'm dripping with anticipation..."
  • "Tonight, my perfect body is like a vessel for your desires. I'm yours to ravage..."

After Sex

  • "In all my years, I never though I’d meet the man/woman that was truly worthy of me…"
  • "It appears I owe Kyu an apology. She was right about you after all…"
  • "You are everything I had hoped you would be…"


Matching Heartbreak Tokens

  • "What! Unacceptable."

Giving a Date Gift

  • "What a sweet gesture!"

Rejecting a Date Gift

Completing Date

  • "Now this is a man of the highest caliber."
  • "Your strategy is impeccable. I dare say I learned a thing or two myself."
  • "I think I understand why Kyu was so curious about your potential."

Completing Night Date

"This feeling... i can hardly control it.. I must have you.. now.."

"I feel so... powerless... I must have you.."

Failing Date

Pre-date quotes

Accepting a Date

  • “Yes, yes, yes, yes… just come on then. I haven’t got all day you know.”
  • “I’m expecting good things from you…”
  • “Sure, why not? Let’s see what you’ve got…”
  • "I can't wait to see what you've planned for us."
  • "Don't let me down."
  • "Right, shall we leave then?"
Location Quote
Hot Springs "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... how soooooothing... A girl could get used to this."
Scenic Overview "Let's see how well the other girls have prepared you for me."
Ice Rink "Okay, let's find out if your dating is as good as your skating."
Outdoor Lounge “Do your worst…”
Corkscrew Carnival “A fair? Alright, as long as nobody touches me.”
Vinnie's Restaurant “I’m excited to see what you’re really capable of…
Hiking trail “I’m going to be watching you veeeery closely… so try not to mess up!”
Botanical Garden “Well, it’s not exactly home, but it is pretty here.”
Farmer's Market “So then, here we are. No time to waste… woo me.”